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10 Tips to Protect Your Email from Spam

Spam will fill your inbox if you leave it unchecked, although there are a lot of spam filters currently available, but unfortunately they are often bypassed. Certainly there is no radical solution to this, but some tips can be followed to avoid them as much as possible and protect email from spam and its problems.

Here are 10 tips to protect email from spam

1- Avoid posting your e-mail address publicly

The best way to avoid spam and to protect email from spam is to protect it as much as possible, Fraud-makers love public places from forums and sites so don't publicly display your email in forums and comment sections.

2- Avoid spambots

If you have to provide your email publicly for business or other reasons, remember to avoid spam bots, which are programs that look for valid email addresses to send spam , So type your email address in a way that only human understands ie instead of typing it like this iliketrains@gmail.com write it i_like_trains@gmail.com or iliketrains on gmail.com

3- Create separate email accounts

Another way to avoid posting your personal and work email is to create private email accounts for public use, ie you will have several separate accounts for general purposes and at the same time work safely and protect your personal email from spam.You can also use www.mailfall.com to create a temporary email

4- Read the terms and conditions of use for any site you register to

True, this will take you some time, and you will suffer with some terms and long word lists, but agreeing to these terms without reading them means a great risk. So when you register on any website or news service on a site, make sure they don't have the right to send spam to your email or share it with another third party.

5- Do not open any link or attachment

Clicking on any link or downloading any attachment in those spam means you may be hacked and some other malware.

6- Report spam messages

To help filters protect your account from spam, click the notification option next to the Archive or Delete option, and you will no longer receive such messages.

7- Do not unsubscribe from spam messages that you receive

Often the purpose of sending these spam messages is to make sure that you have a valid and genuine e-mail address.One way to do this is to trick you into asking to unsubscribe them.If you do, it will make sure you have a correct address. So do not unsubscribe from something you have not already subscribed to !!

8- Do not accept these extensions from untrusted sources

Approving any add-on or installation from an untrusted source will not only receive and open spam messages, but also download malware and potential viruses.

9- Do not respond to spam

We remind you once again that their goal is to make sure you have a valid email address, so it would be great for them to have a personal reply to their messages.

10- Do not use the auto-reply feature

If you are a busy person, the automatic e-mail reply will be good for you, but this will also be suitable for spam senders and they will make sure your email address is correct.

Finally, scammers are learning new tricks and techniques, so stay tuned on the web if you want to protect your email from spam and keep your information safe.

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