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Save your inbox from spam

Save your inbox from spam

What's your default reaction when you see that statement in a page, or an app, or someone asks you to enter your E-mail address? For a large amount of people, a sudden feeling of unease, dread, or mistrust immediately washes over them, and for good reason. E-mail, once a valued communication medium online, is now almost entirely dominated by spam, marketing junk, and unimportant messages that do nothing but waste your time.
These days, giving out your e-mail address is a very personal act, as it implies a level of trust that often times you're not willing to give to any random website or app. You're entrusting the site, or app, or company, not to sell or give out your address. You're also trusting their security, that they won't get hacked, or otherwise lose your personal info.

MailFall is a free throwaway e-mail address. It's temporary. It's transient. It's disposable. It's meant for those times when you don't want to give out your real address. Just give someone any e-mail address in the mailfall.com domain, come back here, put in the e-mail address, and you can see that inbox.
MailFall has no signups,no passwords,designed for no security,for little to no privacy.
MailFall offers the ability to give out a quick e-mail address to any site or app, then after you've established more trust with that site, you can give them your real e-mail address.
MailFall helps to stop your inbox from getting flooded with spam from that one time you registered on a site which got hacked.
MailFall can be used to get your receipt for your e-commerce purchase, without signing up to be spammed on a regular basis with "latest offers".
In short, MailFall can help you cut out the amount of junk in your inbox.

Before a message makes its way into an inbox, it needs to get through multiple spam filters. These filters are proven to reduce the overall amount of spam by more than 90%, so MailFall inboxes won't be flooded by junk e-mail.

The next time a web form or app asks you to "please enter your e-mail address" you'll be ready. "No problem, it's whatever@mailfall.com." When that site sells your e-mail address, you can shrug, move onto another disposable MailFall address, and your real e-mail won't get filled with junk mail.
Need some help picking the perfect address? A good strategy is to include the name of the site or app in the address itself, that way you know immediately which sites are suspect with regards to your privacy.
For example: MyGreatAddress.SiteA@mailfall.com or MyGreatAddress.AppA@mailfall.com or MyGreatAddress.SiteB@mailfall.com and so on

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